Ground conductivity and relative permittivity calculator
for measurements with an open wire line

Please have a look into the article "Measurement of the ground conductivity and relative permittivity with high frequency"
to receive a detailed description of mathematics involved.

Input values

(Please, use a dot "." as a decimal separator in the input fields)

Length [millimeter]:   Diameter [millimeter]:
Distance [millimeter]:   Frequency [Mc]:
Measured impedance: [real, ohms]:     [imaginary, ±ohms]:
Material of the probes:

Please, be patient. Please, observe the status line of your browser.
The calculation lasts up to 15 seconds.

Results of last calculation

Limits of mathematics

While solving this equation there is sometimes more than one solution.

Two wire line in real ground resulting in one proper solution.

Open air two wire line has several solutions (a random solution is returned)

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